Govrnment Polytecnic ,Hingoli is an institute estblished in the year 2009 under Directorate of Technical Education, Mumbai Maharashtra and is approved by All India Councile of Technical Education(AICTE) and is affiliated to Maharastra state Board of Technical Education(MSBTE).The Institute is located at MIDC limbala Hingoli.The spacious campus of the institute houses the main building comprising of the academics and administratative wings,workshop building, boys and girls hostels.

Air compressor motor Power 2 HP Tank Capacity 100

Air cooler Desert medium Size 4 fit hight

ATX cabinet with SMPS

Autocalimeter with all accessories

Battery and charging system 2 wheeler & 4 wheeler 

Biometric attendent machine

Board madel of CRDI system of petrol engine

Board madel of lubrication system of IC engine

Board madel of turbojet engine

Board madel of water cooling system of ICengine

Board madel ofMPFI system of petrol engine

Computer chair

Current tracer

Cut section model of hermatically sealed compressor

Digital camera

Digital electronic weighing balance

Digital vernier calliper

Digital weighing balance

Display board of cables

Display board of capacitor

Display board of connector

Display board of inductor

Display board of switches relay

Display chart for symbols various component safty chart

Display charts for wave soldering and DIP soldering

Electric Arc Furnace

Electrical comparator

Electrician Tool Kit

Experimental set up of stefan boltzman law

Four jaw chuck

Gear form cutter

High pressure Pneumatic comparator

IC programmer

IGBT characteristics

Logic probe

logic pulser

MCLeod gauge

Measurement of pressure using Bourdon tube

Measurement of temp. Using thermocouple

Mechanical comparator

Network tool kit

Optical profile projector

Optical flat

Other network tool kit

Oxy acetylene gas welding set

PC trainer kit for demo

photo electric set up

Portable jib floor crane

Principal chair with high back

RAC controls

Refrigeration Equipment maintenance tool kit

Sand moulding flask

Sound level meter

Sound system 1000watt

Stroboscope for speed

Test dial indicator

Tool kit

Universal tool kit

V block

Water purifier

Wet and dry bulb hygrometer

Wheel barrow for loading

Windows password recovery utility

Wood Turning Lathe

Working domestic refrigeration 160 lt.

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